Cypress Inheritance, LLC is a private, multi-media franchise located in Florida. The company is presenting the Cypress Inheritance Saga in several different forms which include a novel series, video games, board game, graphic novel and other art content along with building our own community. Our goal is to produce family-friendly, enjoyable entertainment products that have good intellectual components and that have a positive influence as well. We are currently in the process of rebuilding the PC/MAC game as well as the iOS/Android app, both of which are currently available. The rebuilds will update and replace each of these so anyone who does have them will get the newest versions. We are also in the last phase of completing Cypress Inheritance: The Board Game. We are planning to release in Mid 2018 as well as the Novel Series around the same time. The Cypress Library is in the beginning to take great shape and we are also very excited about the new content we have in the upcoming months.

We have several exciting things developing, including our ongoing contests, so be sure to register and become a part of the Cypress Inheritance Community and stay up to date!!

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