Win an Alienware PC from Cypress Inheritance!

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This contest is over. Congratulations to zwekick for winning the awesome prize!

Do you know what this is? Of course you do! The Alienware Aurora Gaming PC. Loaded with what you need to fully immerse yourself in gaming without giving up any options. This liquid cooled PC built within this unique chassis takes gaming to the extreme. And Cypress Inheritance is giving it away! Welcome to the best giveaway out there!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Intel Core i7-4820k Processor with a 10M Cache, 3.9Ghz
  • 16GB Quad Channel DDR3, at 1600Mhz
  • 2TB 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s Drive
  • nVidia GeForce GTX 680 2GB GDDR5 Video Card
  • Alienware Aurora Standard Liquid Cooling
  • Alienware TactX Keyboard
  • Alienware TactX Mouse
  • Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24″”W Monitor, 24.0 Inch VIS, Widescreen
  • Shipping fees included

Approximate package value: $2077


So, how do you enter this awesome giveaway? Simple.

  • Register with Cypress Inheritance. Go to the top of this page and click on the portrait icon in the navigation bar. You’ll create a username, password, and provide your email address. You can also upload an avatar to your profile. You only need to register once.
  • Leave a comment below. Once you’ve registered and logged in, you can leave a comment on this page. Say anything you want, but please, no vulgarities or obscenities, as they will be removed. Tell us what you think of this contest. Tell us what you would like to see in the next chapters of the game. We want to have fun with this, so tell us what’s on your mind. Just keep it tasteful, please. Entertaining comments are appreciated!
  • Leave as many comments as you like. Comments will be counted towards the giveaway as one per day. So if you say something and decide to make another comment on the same day, your daily entry count remains at one. We encourage everyone to continue to talk and comment, but spammers will be disqualified.
  • The winner will be chosen randomly. The winner will receive the Alienware Aurora PC described in this post, with an approximate retail value of $2077.
  • If you are chosen, you will be notified via e-mail. The winner must respond within three days of the end of  the giveaway. If you do not respond within that period, another winner will be chosen.
  • Giveaway is world wide! See official rules for details.

The winner will be announced on 4/17/2014, chosen at random from the comments below!

For complete rules, click here.

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This contest is over. Congratulations to zwekick for winning the awesome prize!


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    July 25, 2014

    Me please, extremely in need of a pc for gaming. would help a lot

  2. Profile photo of lewis_martin


    July 22, 2014

    please, let it be me. my current PC is old and i have really bad components with it. i want to experience the greatness of a PC like this alienware one. i try to use Microsoft Flight Simulator x on it and it struggles to handle it even in low settings.

  3. Profile photo of


    July 18, 2014

    GL everyone, i hope i win(probably not since im not that lucky xD)

  4. Profile photo of


    July 11, 2014

    Good luck to everyone. I’d love to win. This is an awesome giveaway.

  5. Profile photo of neild07


    July 3, 2014

    amazing give away! good luck to all! – this is an amazing chance to fulfill peoples dream … just like mine, my family is really wealthy but we have enough to have a comfortable life – if i win i would do graphic designing so that i could help with the family and earn money – good luck to all –

  6. Profile photo of jcyree


    June 30, 2014

    I think it’s great that you’re giving away a computer as the prize. Computers are always so expensive, that most people cannot afford a high end system unless they use their tax return. Cheers!

  7. Profile photo of drew_homer


    June 21, 2014

    I am learning to animate 3D models and am using a computer with tons of viruses. I need a computer that would run well with lots of background stuff going on and lots of memory. I have 0 dollars and I would greatly appreciate it if I win this.

  8. Profile photo of novabynature


    June 20, 2014

    This is an amazing chance to gift my game-loving son a gaming computer! Thank you very much, because I could not afford to purchase one. He is a great kid and has been asking for a gaming computer for a while. It breaks my hearts, because my budget just doesn’t allow for me to get one. I am still driving my 13 yr old vehicle, so this is the only chance of giving my awesome son an awesome computer!!

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