Be sure to check out our web games, they’re fun and free! Our game development team is currently in the process of completing a few more. Keep checking back, they’ll be available to play in the coming weeks.

NOTE: Please be patient while the games load and avoid clicking any buttons.
Additionally, be sure to use Google Chrome for the best performance!


The Library

Cypress Inheritance’s “The Library” is a side-scroller where the objective is to help Lorna collect as many objects of value as possible. Lorna has a limited amount of time before Vonya, the artificial intelligence, forces her to leave her grandfather’s mansion. She is faced with additional challenges and advantages as she explores the room.

The secrets of the library await. What will you find?


VR Training I

Cypress Inheritance’s “VR Training I” is a fast-paced infinite runner. The game follows Lorna as she participates in a training mission to test her reflex, agility, and evasion skills. Help Lorna evade a variety of obstacles as she progresses through the training process.


The Paintings

Coming soon!