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PC/MAC Game Available Now!


About the Novel Series

The Cypress Inheritance Novel Series will begin with telling the story of a very driven and successful young woman named Lorna Ritten. But even with her success and a few close friends, she does have an emptiness that eats at her and has become stronger as she has matured. With what she thinks is a prosperous event in her life, she will discover much about her determination as well as inevitability dealing with what has loomed in her mind for years. She will also learn of a much larger scope to the Cypress Inheritance she has been given.

The first book will be available in Fall 2015. Experience the story and events as mysteries unfold that are within Cypress Inheritance.

More to come soon...

Click here to learn more about the Cypress Inheritance Novel Series

The Board Game

We are excited to announce that Cypress Inheritance The Board Game will launch shortly! Please stay tuned as things develop in the upcoming weeks!

Click here to learn more about the Cypress Inheritance Board Game

Cypress Inheritance: The Beginning Trailer

iOS/Android Mobile App Trailer

Cypress Inheritance Community

Be a part of the Cypress Inheritance Community! Share feedback easily, post videos, be more connected with Cypress Inheritance and so much more...

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