Announcing the official winners for the promotion!

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Hello Everyone,

We wanted to add to the announcement for the winners of the promotion. After carefully going through the top accounts and their friends, we have decided to make a few changes. There were five accounts that had potential invalid users, however they cannot be entirely confirmed as such. This would mean that the original three would have been considered the winners. But in doing that, it would be unfair to the actual first three, which are listed as the winners currently who have 0 invalid users showing. This said, the only fair way that we can see to do this is from the third place currently showing with their friend count of 73, then from that point up, is to award a prize to each of these and we know this way certainly the three that should have won will be awarded but in the case that the others potentially had no way of knowing, they would also be winners as well. Since this is the case, instead of having a 1st – 3rd, we are going to give each of these individuals the option to choose a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place prize. So of the 8 winners listed below each will choose one prize and this way again there is no question in fairness to the top users. We will be sending an email tomorrow to each of these individuals for them to confirm their identity and location and then as long as their is no issue with them as a winner being authentic, they will receive their choice of one of the prizes listed currently of either 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Username: Qualified Friends Number:
Arul Arul 94
saeed_anwarkhattak saeed_anwarkhattak 93
sarosh_anis sarosh_anis 85
nytrogen1 nytrogen1 82
eenie eenie 81
marcelolaborda marcelolaborda 81
Giuse Giuse 81
Vanko_Bg Vanko_Bg 73

We do want to thank everyone and will be announcing a new contest soon. When we do, we will have a few changes and help to ensure of the potential for any invalid accounts. But for now we do want to congratulate what are the officials winners and this is the final list!

Thank you!

Cypress Admin


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    October 9, 2016

    Hi! all i recently heard about the disaster which “Matthews” have done. i wish and pray for my entire cypress family. Hope you guys are safe. specially the team members who are headquartered in florida, i pray for your safety and all other humanbeings out there.

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      Cypress Administrator

      September 7, 2016

      When the contest ended, your qualified friends number was at 70, using the same method to determine the qualified friend accounts.
      Thank you,
      Cypress Administrator

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    September 4, 2016

    Wish I tried harder knowing there would be 8 winners.. Oh well at least I have my promotional package on the way 🙂

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