Achievements & Quests

How do you rank in the Cypress Inheritance Community? Check out the available achievements and quests below to see how you can become a most valuable Community member!

Available Achievements

25 comments medal


Obtain this badge when you have made 25 comments on posts located throughout the website.

50 comments medal


You’ll need 50 comments on posts throughout the site to obtain this badge.

store medal

Store Purchase

Making your first store purchase will grant you this badge. We thank you for your business!

15 Points

30 Points

20 Points

friendship medal


Make your way to the community and add a friend to get the friendship badge. It’s that easy!

forum topic

Forum Topic

Your voice needs to be heard in the community. Start a forum topic and earn this badge.

elite medal

Cypress Elite

The ultimate badge! You can only earn this badge by winning a contest.

5 Points

5 Points

50 Points

forum level1

Forum Replies – Level 1

Make yourself heard in the Community Forums. 25 forum replies will earn you this badge.

forum level2

Forum Replies – Level 2

Keep going to 50 Community Forum replies to earn this badge.

forum level3

Forum Replies – Level 3

100 Comunity Forum replies will earn you the level 3 badge. We may even need to think about making you a moderator!

5 Points

20 Points

30 Points

Available Quests

green membership metal

Green Membership Badge

Obtain this badge by adding 1 comment, creating 1 forum reply, and having 5 invites accepted.
Continue your activity in the Community to earn your Green Membership Badge!

25 Points

My Achievements

My Achievements

No Achievements Yet!

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